Dogs Do Love Carob!

I found out this week that our dogs do love carob! Well, I found out by accident. I had ordered 6 canisters of Carob Powder to make Caine's Carob Crunchers. They arrived during the day, while I was at work. Mark was home, and brought the box into the house. He has been taking care of the neighbors dog, while they are on vacation, so he went over to their home to let their dog out.

The smell of carob must of been too much for Sherman, Caine and Ellie to take without investigating. Don't know which one, because no one is talking this time, but on Mark's return to the house, the box was opened and one of the 2# canisters was tore open with carob on the carpeting in the living room and up the stairway. We check for brown mouth's which all three were guilty.

Now, the tasks is cleaning the carpet. Stay turned to this blog....there is always something happening when there is three labs! But....we love them, even though there is never a dull moment.

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