Life with Three Labs

Summertime is the time I use to work on projects around the house that I have put off all winter. After visiting with my good friend, Betty in Florida, and having a fun vacation, it was time to come back and start working on projects and prepare for upcoming farmer markets.

My project was to start updating our house, taking down old wallpaper, painting, and various projects, etc. So, we did pretty well until I started painting. If you have a Lab, you will understand, but whatever you are doing, they will be right there in the middle of the project. Needless to say, all three Labs ended up with paint on tails from hitting freshly painted walls, on back and hips from laying up against freshly painted wall and trim.

Then, preparing for the Noblesville Farmers market, of course, they are in the middle of everything again. I don't cook or bake much, so when I am in the kitchen, it's mostly baking treats for OTHER dogs. Labs just don't understand the concept....that some things are not for them, and the world doesn't really evolve around them.

Sometimes it can be challenging living with three spoiled Labs in the house, but...I wouldn't have it any other way!

My kitchen helpers and taste testers ready to work.

Sherman checking out whats going into the bone molds.

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