Baking Time

This is our first winter at Lazy Labs, which has been busier than I thought it would be, since we don't have any winter markets to sell. We have had a couple of offers to go into an established store, but at this point, in our new adventures, we want to keep it small and more personal for customers. I like the idea of markets for selling the dog treats. Somehow, it just seems easier to control the quality that we are trying to achieve and the personal service that we can give each customer that buys from Lazy Labs Bakery.

With that said, we have been experimenting with grain-free recipes that will service those customers who can't tolerate or are allergic to grains. We have coming out, four new recipes that will be for sale starting in March. They will "premier" at Indy MADE Market on March 17th at the Noblesville, Indiana fairgrounds.

So, it has been baking time in the kitchen working on our new recipes. Hope you may be able to join us there, and check out the new grain-free treats! And, of course, Ellie will be there to greet everyone!

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