Fishers Farmers Market


Saturday, May 5th, 8 am - Noon

We are so excited to be part of the Fishers Farmers Market this summer! The market is opening on Saturday, May 5th, opening at 8 am and closes at noon. The market will be running through the end of September.

We will have four grain-free treats, which is new for our bakery. We have had customers ask for grain-free so it will be a permanent part of our bakery selection. Come visit the market and check out all our treats and come and meet Ellie.

More on news....I have decided to retire from full-time teaching of art. I will be teaching part-time at a smaller charter school here locally, so it will give me more time to work in the kitchen and working on the business. We love making our treats, and hope that semi-retirement will give us more time with our Labs, Sherman, Caine and Ellie.

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