Lovin' the Market!

We are loving the Fishers Farmers Market! If you haven't been the market, you need to come to check out all the wonderful vendors. Lots of great, fresh produce, and lots of great products. The market is seeing over 2,000 in attendance each week.

Ellie is so excited to go to the market! She knows when it is Saturday morning, and ready to get out the door, even at 6 in the morning! She is definitely more ready than Mark and I! She loves greeting the customers and cleaning up any left behind treats!

The market is keeping us busy, baking and ordering supplies. I decided to retire at the end of the school year, but right now, school is still in session, so it's like having two jobs! When I am home, I am baking, so the end of the school year can't come fast enough for me. Mark has been keeping up the house, and the yard while the dogs and I are in the kitchen.

We love seeing weekly customers at the market, and hope to continue into the Fishers Winter Market later this fall and winter. Mark and I are truly enjoying this new adventure into the dog bakery world. There are lots of rules and regulations that we are working through, but we are getting there. Purdue University regulates all the food processing for dogs, so we are working closely with them. Thank you for checking out the blog!

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