Looking Forward to 2019

I've always have been accused of looking forward in life and wishing my life away, and have learned as I have "matured" in life to appreciate each day. As I write this blog, I look back at 2018, and am grateful for our little retirement adventure with Lazy Labs Bakery. We went into the dog treat business with no expectations, except to make dogs happy with healthy treats and to give my husband and I a retirement activity, that would hopefully keep us up and moving, and enjoying life with our beloved Labs! In our perspective, 2018 has been a very successful year for our little business, and we have enjoyed every day of it!

So, now...I am so excited for 2019, and here I am looking forward, but for a different reason, from past thoughts. We are excited for our first full year of running our successful little business that has grown quickly, and with great success. The best part, has been getting to meet all our new customers and seeing them enjoy our treats, and making their owners come back for more treats. We love hearing stories about our customers sitting in front of refrigerator doors, barking and wanting a treat. We love hearing about our picky customers who have found a treat they love, and surprise their owners. We love hearing about our customers who fight allergies and can't find treats that they love that doesn't make them get an itchy rash, but now can enjoy a treat. We love hearing from our senior customers who have trouble with crunchy treats and now, can enjoy a treat that doesn't hurt their mouth. And, at last, we love hearing about our customers who have sensitive stomachs and have found a treat that they can easily digest, and doesn't upset their tummy.

Oreo enjoying a photo op for her Instagram after getting some treats!

During our winter market, our customers can't come in the building, so they have to send their owners, but this is why we are looking forward to our summer farmers market to meet our newly found friends.

One of our new customers, Oreo, stopped by to pick up some treats and do some photos for her own Instagram and Facebook pages.

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