Spring is Almost Here!

I purchased a new dehydrator, and am experimenting with making some new dog chews from banana, apple and sweet potatoes! They will be great treats to go with our grain-free and rice flour based treats.

Just some happenings with the lazy labs...Sherman may be the elderly one of the pack, but he always keeps us amused. Whenever we do anything around the house, there is usually one of the dogs under our feet, "helping!" Sherman was helping Mark fill containers with 50 lb. bags of flour and Sherman decided to help. He got just a "little" on himself!

Champ is growing like a weed, and continues to amaze us with how good of a dog he has been for us. He loves watching television, which is hilarious, since he is the first one dog we have ever had to look at it.

The summer farmers market will start May 4th, and Ellie will be back at the market. She loves seeing everyone and has missed getting to go to the market. We miss seeing all the dogs, although we have gotten to know our human customers this winter. We miss seeing the dogs at the market, so it will be great when May gets here.

As always, if you need any treats you can come by our home bakery or we will deliver. The last winter market will be Saturday, March 16th! We will have some "lucky" treats! Come by and check out our last Saturday market!

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