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Our Ingredients

Cookie cutter and dough for dog treats

All of the treats at Lazy Labs Bakery are wheat, corn and soy FREE.  We use clean, simple organic certified ingredients.  We want only the best for our dogs, which assures that you are getting the best for your dog.  We have listed all our ingredients that are used in our treats along with a brief explanation.  

FLOURS -We use  Rice Flour, Oat Flour and Buckwheat.  These flours are wheat free, corn free, organic certified, and no gluten, making them excellent choices for dogs who may have allergies to wheat, or sensitive stomachs, and have nutritious value.

PEANUT BUTTER - All peanut butter used in treats is 100% all natural organic certified, no sugar added or preservatives.  Peanut butter is a great source of protein and dogs love peanut butter.

ALMOND BUTTER - Almond butter used in treats is 100% organic almonds with no additives.  Great for dogs who may be sensitive to peanut butter.

CAROB - Carob is a substitute for chocolate.  Carob has lots of nutrients, and is rich in B vitamins.  Dogs love the sweetness of the carob and it's healthy for them.  We use both carob powder and carob chips in our treats.

FRUITS & VEGTABLES - Most of our treats contain some type of fruit or vegetable.  Some of them that are in our treats include, pumpkin, apples, bananas, carrots, strawberries and blueberries.  All of the ingredients are great for dogs.  Pumpkin is great for their digestive system, and blueberries is an antioxidant.  All of these fruit and vegetables are highly nutritious and are rich in fiber. 

PROTEINS - Proteins that are used include organic eggs, organic Greek yogurt and organic peanut butter.  Eggs are packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

SWEETENERS - To add sweetness to our treats we use molasses and honey.  The honey we use is locally produced from clover.  These sweeteners have great nutrients and vitamins.

OILS -The oil we use in our treats is Organic Coconut Oil.  Coconut Oil is great for the skin and coat of dogs.  It is low in saturated fat, and very hight in unsaturated fat.  It is also a great source of omega-6 fatty acid, and omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid.  

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