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 LOVE MY PUP WEEKLY TREAT DELIVERY - Weekly Thursday delivery of either our top 8 treats or you can specify your pups favorite treats.  Each delivery will include one free Turbo Protein Charger, or a surprise Holiday Treat.  Cost per year is $416.  You can suscribe at anytime!

Love My Pup Weekly Treat Delivery (Annual - One Time Pay)

Price Options
Love My Pup Weekly
$416.00every year until canceled
  • The top treats variety will include 7 of the favorites, including Brody's Muddy Paws, Gunner's Morning Starters, Caine's Cheese Bites, Sherman's Tail Waggers, along with other favorites.  Also included will be one of Turbo Charger's protein waffle treat or a holiday surprise treat.

  • Choose (7) of your dogs favorite treats.  Also, we will include Turbo's Chargers protein waffle, or a holiday surprise treat!

    Brody's Muddy Paws

    Gunner's Morning Starters

    Sherman's Tail Waggers

    Caine's Cheese Balls

    Tator's Belly Rubs

    Ginger's Lazy Bones

    Ellie's Wiggle Womps

    Champ's Chompers

    Tymber's Hugs

    Jack's Sniffers

    Simon's Peanut Butter Cookie

    Cleo's Pup Cakes

    Reagan's Sweet Rolls

    Houston's Nuzzlers

    Momma Corey's

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